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If you’re looking for help with your homework or studying for a test, visit If you need help getting started on a research paper or if you need help proofing a report, HomeworkLA is the place for you. Certified tutors, who can explain what you need to know, are available from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s anonymous, nobody needs to know how you’re getting so smart. In addition to the tutors, HomeworkLA provides access to other academic resources 24/7 that can help you build your skills and improve your learning.

You can access HomeworkLA from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and from home and library computers, or anywhere you can access the Internet. (Just be sure to have your library card handy if you’re using a library computer to access HomeworkLA. You’ll need to enter your card number when logging on to the site from the library. Your card number is not required for accessing the site from your iPhone or home computer.)

This great service is provided for you through the State Library of Louisiana with the support of a Broadband U.S.A. grant.


If you’re thinking about the type of work or career you’d like to pursue after graduating from high school but are not sure what jobs best suit you, the library has a super help source to assist you in exploring your options. It’s called “Career Cruising”, and it’s a database accessible through the library’s web page.

“Career Cruising” acts like a personal career consultant. That’s cool. It asks you questions about things you like to do verse things you wouldn’t. It directs you in rating your skill level in 45 key areas and shows how you match up with the skills required for the careers in which you’re interested. It’s great at helping you find out where to get the training or education you need to start your job or career. There’s also a section on strengthening job search skills, including how to present yourself well in job interviews, how to put together a resume that presents your strengths, and how to find actual job postings. This database has so much good stuff to help you and it’s free and available 24/7 from any internet-connected computer.

So, to get to “Career Cruising,” go to the library’s web page, look on the right side, and click on the Louisiana Library Connection Databases icon. Enter your library card number as requested. (Of course you need a free library card! You’re missing all sorts of good stuff if you don’t have one.) As you will see there are many resources available on the LLCD page. There’s information here on almost everything you’d ever want to know. Look on the right side under the State Databases heading, fourth tab down, there’s the “Career Cruising” icon. Good luck on your career cruise!

The people who operate “Career Cruising” want to be sure that you get the most out of their data base, so they created five videos to help you. Click on the links below for short videos that demonstrate the amazing information accessible through “Career Cruising.”

Explore Assessments: Do you like to do what the career you think you want does?

Explore Careers: Matches the subjects you enjoy in school and the amount of post secondary education you hope to pursue with types of careers available with your interest and training. Provides job descriptions, earnings, education required.

Explore Schools: Matches your interests with trade and academic schools. Provides school descriptions including admissions requirements, estimated expenses, student life, majors offered, as well as links to school web sites.

Employment: A guide to help you improve your work/career search including interview and resume tips, and finding job postings.

Portfolio: The place to get all the information needed to determine and to pursue the best job/career for you. It’s an awesome file to help you get organized.

Louisiana Library Connection Databases 

Established in 1998, the Louisiana Library Connection databases are a collection of online subscription databases that are provided to the people of Louisiana by the State Library. The databases are chosen to cover the widest range of informational needs, providing educational and research materials for the elementary, high school and college student well into the undergraduate and graduate levels. The databases also include many prestigious academic journals for the research professional. Crucial and strategic information is likewise included for the small business owner and the consumer. The vast majority of these databases are available for remote use; that is, the user can login in from anywhere. These databases are provided free of charge to all library users in the state of Louisiana; all that is required for access is a public library card.

These databases allow you to work from home, work, or in the library. While these databases are mounted on the Internet, the information contained within is collected and maintained by respected companies; therefore the quality and accuracy of the information is very high. You should always use these databases as the first step while doing any research before attempting a search
on the Internet. The Louisiana Library Connection databases are the first stop for the discriminating information consumer.

This service is a cooperative effort funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Service, and state and local funding.


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