Top Ten Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday!  Today over at The Broke and the Bookish they are doing a awesome top ten list all about the 2015 Releases They Meant To Get To But Didn’t.  Unfortunately I’m way behind on my reading so if I made that list it would have to be way more than 10.  So i’ve decided to go rouge today with my list.  Click below to read my Top Five Book Series I Need To Finally Finish!

 The Lunar Chronicles:  I listened to Cinder as an audio book and I absolutely loved it.  It was interesting, different, and had plenty of action to keep me entertained while I was stuck in traffic.  And then I thought when it ended “Hey I should get the next one in the series…” and then just never did.  Oops!

The Giver Quartet:  I love Lois Lowry’s books.  From Number the Stars to Gossamer  I think she  is a brilliant writer.  I think that is especially true for one of my all time favorite books The Giver and even really liked the second in the series Gathering Blue.  However, I absolutely hated the third in the series The Messenger.  So when I heard about the 4th in the series Son I had mixed feelings.  I know it is supposed to be more closely related to the first book but still what if it ruins the series for me?  But what if it is amazing? AHHHHH! Eventually i’ll work up the nerve to finish the series, for better or for worse.

son book cover

The Divergent Trilogy:  I read Divergent and loved it. Then I read Insurgent and liked it OK.  I was actually looking forward to Allegiant…until I had the ending spoiled for me.  Don’t worry I wont say what I learned but needless to say ever since then I haven’t had much interest in finishing the series.  But I think it is finally time to finish what I started and read for myself how it all ends.

allegiant book cover

Heroes of Olympus Series:  I’ve read the first 3 in the series but haven’t gotten around to the last two.  It’s not cause they are bad (I’ve never read a book my Rick Riordan I didn’t like) but it was a long series of big books that I was trying to read back to back to back.  Honestly I just got a little burned out and decided to take a break from the world of mythology for a little bit.  But after reading the new Magnus Chase book i’m ready to dive back into crazy monsters, godly parents, and quests to save the world!

Finish School Series: HOW DID MANAGE TO FORGET THAT THE LAST BOOK CAME OUT IN NOVEMBER!  Don’t worry, i’m already fixing this problem, will be downloading the ebook from Overdrive as soon as I get home.

Manners and Mutiny book cover.png

What series do you need to finish?  Are there any you’ve quit on?  Let me know in the comments!



  1. You should definitely finish The Lunar Chronicles! The rest of the series does not disappoint.

    I actually have something to add of my own today, instead of just commenting on your list. I have two series that I need to finish.

    1. Fifth Wave series by Rick Yancey
    I read the first book when it came out, and I liked it a lot. Then the second book came out and I was really behind on reading other things, so I never got around to reading it. I need to read it, so I’m caught up before the third one comes out!

    2. Percy Jackson
    I enjoyed the first book, but I never read past that because there’s so much other stuff to read!

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