NOvember book challenge: Week 3 review

throne of glass 1

Week 3 book:  Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Reason I said No Before:  Someone else didn’t like it

Did this book change my mind?:  YESish.  First I must confess I didn’t completely finish it (yet).  According to Overdrive I am 75% done with it so I do feel like I can make a fair assessment of it.  So yes this did change my mind, I am enjoying it, and will certainly finish it.  However i’m going to admit i’m not really sure if I will keep reading the series.  It is a good book, and if you like fantasy I would recommend reading it, but i’m not in love with the book.  It isn’t one that I need the sequel to right now.  More likely I will read it eventually just don’t think the book is quiet as awesome as all the hype I’ve heard about it.  Also the names in this book are super annoying (kim you were right!).  But like I said I am enjoying it and i’m glad I took a chance and read it.  Check in next week for the 4th and final week of the NOvember Book Challenge!




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