NOvember Book Challenge: Week 3 Book Reveal

can't sleep

Welcome to Week 3!  So far Week 1’s Book didn’t change my no to a yes, however I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like Week 2’s book.  I will confess I started reading this week’s book over the weekend since it is a pretty big book (no, that’s not why I had said no to it before!).  So for the 3rd Week of my NOvember the book is…

throne of glass 1

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Back in the day I didn’t care what everyone else thought about a book, if it looked good to me I was going to read it no matter who said it said it was bad.  As I got older I did start taking some people advice about what to read (but only a select few who I knew had similar taste in book to me). Recently though it seems if anyone says it is bad then I skip it. Recent Example:  I found a book that looks interesting I get on Goodreads, scroll past all the good reviews to the bad ones, read how these people who I don’t even know didn’t like the book, so I never read it.  Don’t get me wrong, reading reviews can help prevent you from reading some truly horrible books but I’ve gotten to the point that I seek out reasons to say no!  So i’m going to read Throne of Glass, a book I had been saying No to for no other reason then because of someone else told me they didn’t like it.  Wish me luck, I have a lot of reading to do this week!



  1. I’ve never given this book much of a chance, not even really sure what it’s about. If you like it, I might consider adding it to my list. I do know that Aulds had us order multiple copies for their YA book club, so clearly someone likes it!

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