NOvember Book Challenge: Week 2 Book Review

the old man and the sea

2 weeks done, 2 weeks to go!

Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Reason I said no before:  Dislike (or fear of) Classics

Did this book change my mind:  Yes!  I actually really liked it (i’m kinda shocked to be honest).  First, it wasn’t hard to read like I had been assuming Ernest Hemingway would be.  It was actually pretty easy, I read the book in 2 days.  Second, it was a simple story with powerful meaning behind it.  After reading so much fantasy, love triangles, and teen girl/boy angst it was nice just to read a good story that has meaning behind it.  Don’t get me wrong I still love my normal YA reads and I won’t be switching to all classics anytime soon but next time I get a little burnt out on my normal reading choices I will be trying another classic.  Maybe i’ll tackle Pride and Prejudice like I’ve always wanted!

What do you think, is a classic in your future?  Check back Monday for Week 3 selection!


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