A very spooky Top Ten Tuesday!


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Are you getting sick and tired of the rain?  Here in South Louisiana it has been raining for days and i’m ready for it to stop.  Hopefully it won’t be too wet for Halloween!  The Broke and the Bookish made today’s topic a Halloween Freebie, so my list is…

books that go bump in the night sign

  1. Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry  Anyone who loves Walking Dead should read this.rot and ruin
  2. This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel Tells the dark story of Victor Frankenstein path to his obsession with bringing the dead back to life.this dark end
  3. The Fall by Bethany Griffin A new take on Edgar Allen Poe’s dark classic The Fall of the House of Usher.TheFall_cover
  4. Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn Physiologically disturbing and crazy good.41txa1mCW9L.SX316
  5. Frankenstein Graphic Novel by Mary Shelley Adapted by Brigit Viney A classic monster story in a modern format.frankenstein 2


  1. I love that Rot & Ruin is #1 on your list. It’s still one of my favorites. You know that he released a new book in the series right? It’s short stories, that happen throughout the series I think. I haven’t read it yet. Plus there’s a graphic novel that came out recently that also takes place throughout the series. I do have that at home to read. I’ve recommended the series to Connie because she likes Walking Dead so much, but she usually listens to audio and we only have a couple of the audio books because they’re only available from Recorded Books I think. I’m thinking about recommending them to one of our deputies too because he and Connie are always talking about Walking Dead.

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