Top Ten Tuesday!


Hey everyone, sorry this is late but I was determined to get to do a Top Ten Tuesday this week! So yesterday over at The Broke and the Bookish they did a list of Ten wishes they would ask a book genie to grant them.  I loved that idea so I decided to do the same so click below to see my Five wishes I would ask a book genie to grant me!

Wish #1:  For libraries to always be open when I need the next book in the series.  I hate ending a book too late at night and have to wait all the way till 8:30 the next morning to open.  I want it now!

Wish #2:  Speaking of sequels I wish that I didn’t have to wait for the author to write the next one a year (or longer!) later.  I just finished the new Rick Riordan book The Sword of Summer and in the back it says the next one doesn’t come out till Fall of 2016.  Yeah book genie i’m gonna need that book a little sooner.  Like right now please!

Wish #3:  To be able to request an author redo a book in a series that isn’t as good as the others.  This one is probably a little mean but it is sad when a good series starts to go bad.  I’m sure the author probably would like a second chance anyways.

Wish #4:  To never be uncomfortable when reading. To be able to read for hours without your legs ever falling asleep cause of how you are sitting or you neck getting tired of looking down. Hours and hours of just reading no matter where you are.  Sounds perfect.

Wish #5:  Just three words:  More Harry Potter.  Thank you Book Genie!


  1. I’m with you on the no waiting on the next book in the series. I’m waiting on book three of a series (adult fiction) and I follow the author on twitter, and I swear, the guy seems to be doing everything but writing. I think it’s been three years since the second book came out. I just read the first two books over the last year, so I haven’t been waiting that long, but I really want the next book! I think he’s feeling the pressure and maybe having trouble with writing the book.

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