Book Spotlight!

Audacity by Melanie Crowder

Audacity is a beautifully written, historically based, book in verse that tells the story of Clara Lemlich.  Clara is an Jewish Russian immigrant who wants nothing more than to read books, learn new things, and became a doctor.  However being a girl all of these things are forbidden but she never stops trying to make them come true.  She thought things would be different in America but when Clara is forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions for low pay she realizes nothing will ever be different unless she speaks up.  In a time when men where standing up for their rights Clara starts to ask why should it be any different for women?  This is a story of dreams, violence, and learning to never back down.  This book made me want to learn more about Clara Lemlich and the Women’s Union movement.  Great book for anyone likes historical fiction or books written in verse.  Click here to request this or any of our other books.

Ashley’s Note: This is the first book in verse I’ve ever finished!  I’ve tried reading them before but never could get into the style, this book however was so good I couldn’t stop reading it.  With that being said I don’t think verse style writing will ever be my favorite but it just goes to show you never count out a book just because it isn’t what you would typically read.  We will be looking more into this in the month of NOvember (and NO that isn’t a typo!) Intrigued?  I’ll be posting more information about what I mean soon!


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