Book Spotlight!

Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando

roomiesTransitioning from high school to college can be hard.  Knowing you’ll have to say goodbye, not wanting to get close to anyone new, and figuring out what it means to grow up makes life complicated. Elizabeth is an only child living with what she considers a difficult mother, counting down the days till she can escape New Jersey for San Francisco.  Lauren is the oldest of 6 kids who often feels more like a second mom than a sibling, struggling with the idea of leaving her close knit family even if she isn’t leaving her home town of San Francisco.  The summer before college they both receive emails stating they will be roomates at UC Berkley.  What starts as emails to coordinate the essentials soon become lifelines in crazy summers of firsts and lasts as they discover that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone you’ve never met in real life.  But just because their friendship is only online (for now) doesn’t mean it will be drama free.

Perfect for someone who is transitioning from high school to college or likes stories about friendship.  To request this book or others click here.

Ashley’s Note: This book was recommended to me since I love the book Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.  It definitely has a similar feel but is a bit lighter in tone than Fangirl.  Like I said before this is a great read for anyone who is going through (or will soon be) the transition from Teen to Young Adult in their life (and for those of us who remember what a scary times that was!).


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