Top Ten Tuesday…Wednesday Edition


Sorry Sorry Sorry!  I know, i’m late with my Top Ten Tuesday again.  Unfortunately I wasn’t at work yesterday, but I am today so lets get to it!  Over at The Broke and the Bookish they did a great list about their Top Ten Series They Haven’t Finished Yet.  I figure since i’m already listing on the wrong day why not switch the topic too, so click below to read my list All About Boarding School/Roomate Stories!

I’m not really sure why but I have always loved stories set at boarding schools.  I guess for me the concept of school is familiar but leaving home for school wasn’t something I did till I went to college.  I can’t imagine leaving home during high school, especially living in another country.  It sounds like an awesome opportunity and a terrifying experience.  Here are my recommendations Boarding School/Roomate Stories!

Paranormal School Stories

The-Name-of-the-Stare and e book cover

Romantic or Funny School Stories

frankie laundau-banksanna and the french kiss cover

Impactful School/Roomate Stories

winger girls like us

College Roomate Stories



School Stories I Need To Read Soon

brutalyouth (1)conversion

Ultimate Boarding School Series


Hope you enjoyed today’s list, let me know if I missed any amazing Boarding School/Roomate Stories!


  1. Interesting list…I’ve also got this fascination for boarding schools esp. growing up with books such as Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers. Etiquette & Espionage looks quite interesting, I’m very attracted to the cover, will have to check that out 😃

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