Fun Fact Friday!

My apologize for missing Top Ten Tuesday this week (here is The Broke and the Bookish list for the week) but I weirdly I got kicked out of my desk area all week.  After seeing how awesome the teen area of our library now is (click here to see the awesomeness!) it was decided that the children’s area needed to be fixed up.  So I had to leave because of this…

painting desk area

If you have never been to the West Baton Rouge Public Library Children’s Area then you should know that the wall was not previously blue (also please forgive the extremely messy desk, I had lots of stuff that had to moved out of the way).  Don’t worry my filing cabinet didn’t stay weird looking like that, now it is pretty…

Yeah so, I did most of my work from random tables in the library.  But never fear I’m back at my desk just in time for Fun Fact Friday.  Today’s Fun Fact is…

mickey mouse sister

She is his younger sister and the Mother of Morty and Ferdie.  Huh, who knew?  Have a great weekend!


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