Top Ten Tuesday!


Hey I’m actually doing a Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday! Go me!  Today over at The Broke and the Bookish they have a list of their Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (those authors you buy books from no matter what).  Since I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought myself a book I decided to go rogue and do my own topic.  Click below to read my awesomely annoying list of Top Ten Book Pet Peeves!

Some of these things are about the actual book, some are about the stories.  All are annoying.

Treating Library Books Bad

I can’t stand when people don’t treat library books with proper respect.  You would be amazed at the amount of people who throw, stain, and let siblings draw in books.  I have even seen library books returned covered in mold!  And those are the ones that get turned back in, hundreds of books every year just never return.  Thankfully most of you follow the rules but I still dream of a day where I don’t have to check for food stains every time a book gets turn in.

Dog Earring Books

Look you don’t have to have a fancy book mark, do what I do, use an old receipt.  I’ve even written down the page number before.  Just no bending the pages, especially if the book doesn’t belong to you!

Judging a Book By It’s Movie

The book is always better (the only exception i’ve ever found is I loved Forest Gump the movie and hated the book).  Read the book.  Don’t get me wrong I do love movies based off of books but seriously don’t hate on a book cause the movie was bad.

Unrealistic Characters/Couples

Couples in love still fight occasionally, good people do bad things sometime, no one/couple is perfect.  Humans are complicated and messy things.  Characters in a book should have some resemblance to humans in real life.  I’m not saying they have to be bad people but even the best of people mess up from time to time.  Example:  Harry Potter.  Harry gets in fights with his friends, worries about girls, complains about teachers and homework, and gets pretty snarky in the 5th book.  And we love him for it!  We may never know what it is like to fight Voldemort but we do know what it is like to fight with your best friend over the silliest of reasons.  No one ever questions that Harry is a good guy but at the same time he’s human. I can’t stand when a character or a couple are just happy all the time, nothing bad ever happens.  Be realistic!

Love Triangles

Ugh, just no.  Stop it.  No one is buying it.  Moving on…

Skipping the Important Stuff

I was read a book a while back and the chapter would be pretty boring but towards the end something exciting would happen.  I would eagerly start the next chapter thinking “finally something good!”  when at the beginning of the page it would say “6 months later”.  Wait what?  No!  Don’t skip six months!  But sadly it did.  Over and over we would skip in time, skipping over the stuff I was actually interested in.  Stop skipping over stuff.  If it was important enough to bring up then let me read about it!


I put that in quotes because a lot of misunderstandings in books have less to do with two characters not understanding each other and more to due with the characters purposely being stubborn or ignoring each other.  I read this a lot in YA Romance and it is super annoying.  I’m all for couple having obstacles but it needs to be something better than “I don’t want to talk to you anymore”.  Have a real misunderstanding!

No Adults Ever

Have you ever noticed the sever lack of adults in most of the YA genre?  Where are the parents?  Seriously, I was never this unsupervised as a teen.  I’m going to need the adults and teachers to start actually being involved in the teen lives of these books. Thanks.

Rushed Ending

I hate when you are looking at a book you are reading and you know there are not enough pages left to have a ending that explains everything you are wondering about.  This is especially annoying when the book is so good, only to rush the ending and leave you feeling cheated.

Series That Don’t Ever Seem To End

Look authors, I get it.  These books are your life’s work, your babies.  However you have to end them eventually and as readers we would prefer you did while the series is still good and interesting, not several books after we have stopped caring.

So what are your book pet peeves?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. lol great list! Heres a couple of mine:
    “one 16 year old girl with super special secret powers who is outcasted but actually destined to save everyone” (getting a bit old).

    love triangles. I prefer when authors can come up with other obstacles to a relationship, that the couple has to overcome together instead of just throwing a third wheel in to shake things up lol

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