Book Spotlight!

Today I will be doing a Book Spotlight! on the book Don’t Look Back by Jennifer Armentrout.

dont look backSamantha and Cassie were best friends.  At least that’s what everyone keeps telling Sam.  She has no memory of Cassie or her former life.  All she knows is what people tell her, that four days ago she and Cassie both went missing but only she returned.  The more Sam tries to put her life back together the more she doesn’t like what she finds.  Was she really that mean?  Did she really stay with her jerk of a boyfriend just because he is popular?  How could she have just abandoned her old friends just because of Cassie? Did she really hate the handsome Carson just because his dad worked for her family?

This is Sam’s second chance at life but she can’t stop the disturbing flashes of broken memories from the last day she saw Cassie from resurfacing.  The more she remembers the more unsure she is of her own sanity.  Is someone really out to get her or is all in her mind?  Who is the shadowy figure she keeps seeing?  Will Cassie ever be found?  This book will appeal to anyone who loves mysteries or psychology.  It Is a stand alone novel.  To request this book or any others click here.


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