Top Ten Tuesday!


Today’s topic over at The Broke and the Bookish is Ten Hyped Books They Have Never Read and I did have plans to do the same topic when I started working on this post yesterday.  Then I started looking at their list of previous topics just for fun and one previous topic just sounded so fun that I decided why not just go rouge one more time!  Eventually I will stick to the topic they pick…maybe.  But today isn’t that day so click below to read my list of Bookish Things (that aren’t books) That I Would Like To Own!

Nontraditional Bookmarks  

Who needs boring bookmarks when we can have feet sticking out of our books!

bookmark 1bookmark 2bookmark 3

Book related art and household items

They’re all so pretty!
book print 4book print 3

book print

book clock book itmes

Items that characters in your favorite books owned

If I can’t actually go to Hogwarts owning a Timeturner is the next best thing!

book item

book item 2

book item 4

Cool Lights

Light is necessary for proper reading but no one said it had to be boring!

booklight 1 booklight 2 booklight 3

Book related clothing

I could be warm and let people know that I loved the Percy Jackson Series.  That’s what I call a win win situation.

book shirt (2) book shirt 2 book shirt 4

Let me know what you think of these items, about any that I missed, or any book related items you own!



  1. These are fantastic, love it! I have done a similar one before on one of the Tuesday freebies, Wild Wacky Book Related.

    I love looking around for bookish items. I absolutely adore the mini book necklaces and also the book covers turned into iPad and ebook covers but unfortunately they’re quite costly so I have never been able to afford one 😦 I’d love to get one of the classic Nancy Drew yellow covers for my Kobo, but I got a Kobo original cover for a mere $3 which you can’t compete with.

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