Book Spotlight!

Today I will be doing a book spotlight on the book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queen book coverIn Mare’s world how well you live is all dependent on what color blood you have.  Those with Silver blood live well, they all have magical powers and use them to keep all the food, money, and power to themselves.  Then there are those with Red blood, they are the servants of the world.  Doomed to a life of either tough manual labor or becoming a solider on the front line, which usually ends in death.  Mare’s life has been predetermined by the fact that she has red blood and there is nothing she can do about it.  Until the day when she is serving some Silvers, including the King and Queen, and accidentally discovers that she somehow has magical abilities too, despite her Red blood.  Knowing that this discovery could unravel the whole system the King and Queen force Mare to pretend to be a lost daughter of a Silver General and take on a new identity.  They plan to use her to their advantage but they aren’t the only ones.  When the Red Guard, a group of Red revolutionist who want to see a world where Reds are in charge, discovers there is a Red in the palace they think Mare should be on there side.  Mare’s whole life has changed and she doesn’t know who to trust.  This is a great book for anyone who likes the dystopian or fantasy genres, strong female characters, or books about social dynamics/revolutions.    First in a series.  To request this book or any others in our collection click here.

P.S.– No spoilers but to me this is the rare YA book lately that has a complicated “love” interest story in it that actually makes sense to me, it dosesn’t seem forced.  Plus it doesn’t over power the rest of the story.  I’m impressed!



  1. I’m hesitant to read this book because a ton of people, including my cousin and co-blogger, Amy, disliked it. I’m happy to hear that some people loved it! I mean, it had gotten a ton of hype and sounds so good! Makes me wonder what happened…

  2. I will say there were parts of it that seemed really familiar, especially in the beginning, that made me not like too much at first. However it is one of those books that gets better once it finds its own voice. By the end of it I found myself wishing the next book in the series was already out!

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