Playing Exquisite Corpse for National Poetry Month!

We have come to the end of National Poetry Month (ok technically yesterday was)  and i’m going to end it with a fun poetry related game called Exquisite Corpse.  You can click here to get more information about this game, including history and explanation of the name.  It is a great way to come up with some truly creative phrases and can help you think outside the box if you are stuck on your own writing.

You will need a to find you some willing participants.  Thankfully I work with some fun people who jumped at the chance to help me out. Then you will need either some index cards, sticky notes, blank pieces of paper, anything you can pass out for the other people to write on.  I used sticky notes.  You will need to decided on a sentence structure.  The website used the example of “Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adjective, Noun”  so I decided to use that same structure but you can use whatever combination that you want.  To make things easier on my coworkers I went ahead and wrote on each sticky note what type of word they would be writing down.  The most important thing for you and your participants to remember is not to share what word you are writing since you don’t want to influence what someone else chooses to write down.  Once everyone was done I read them our basic sentence.

poetry month 3

Delightful Room Dance Fast Cats.  I have to admit I would never thought to write those words together!  That is why it is important to not influence anyone else with what word you write, the less they know about the other words the more creative the sentence comes out.  You can then go back and add articles such as “The”, “A”, “Is”, or change verb tense to make your sentence flow better.  Our final product is “A delightful room of dancing with fast cats.”  Hope you have fun making your own Exquisite Corpse  sentences.  It has been a blast writing creatively with everyone!


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