Top Ten Tuesday!


It’s Top Ten Tuesday time again!  This week’s theme is Top Ten Characters Who…, the people over at the Broke and the Bookish went with Top Ten Characters who need to be on stage.  They have a great list, make sure you check it out.  As for me I’ve decided to make my list Top Five Characters who are annoying yet I still love them.  These are characters who make you roll your eyes and yell at your book, but at the end of the day you can’t help but still root for them.  Check it out below and make sure you comment on who your annoying but lovable character is!

1. Jacob from the Twlight series:  To be honest I do like this series but most of the characters could be on this list at various times in the series.  Jacob gets singled out though because he annoys me the most through out the entire series.  So many times while reading I would yell “Move on Jacob!”  I get that he thinks he is in love but his actions made him seem more like a love sick puppy than a viable option for Bella.  Maybe this is just because i’m Team Edward.  Still no matter how much I was yelling at him I always wanted a happy ending for him.  You just can’t help but want someone who gets his heart trampled so many times to end up happy, even if they are annoying.

2.  Ronald Weasley from the Harry Potter Series:  I love Ron and really think he was a great best friend to Harry Potter but come on Ron stop whining!  I know that your family doesn’t have very much money, and yes it must be annoying that everyone falls all over Harry, but whining and petty jealousy will get you no where.  There was more than one occasion during the series that I wished Mrs. Weasley would send Ron a howler about his poor attitude.  However, with that being said, he always had Harry’s back which made up for the occasional jealous fits.  Ron is just too lovable to stay mad at for long.

3.  Chuck from Maze Runner:  Ok this one isn’t really his fault.  Chuck is one of the youngest kids trapped in the maze and he acted that way.  His immaturity made me want to simultaneously shush and protect him.

4.  Lilly from The Adoration of Jenna Fox:  This character annoyed me so bad one moment then would do something that would completely make me love her the next.  She is very rude to her granddaughter:  Annoying.  She is the only one that will be honest with Jenna: Love.  Puts the family in danger: Annoying.  No matter what the situation she sticks to her faith and beliefs: Love.  In the end she does have reasons for annoyingness (I won’t say what though, read the book!) and she does love Jenna.  I found myself loving her despite everything she had done.

5.  Tris from Divergent:  Tris is probably the least annoying character on this list, however she is still on this list.  I can excuse away a lot of things because she is from an faction that was very plain and simple.  However she has a tendency to make stupid choices (especially when Four is involved).  Main example:  The leaving the Dauntless compound, jumping on a train to see her brother, being surprised that people are upset/she might get in trouble about this scene in Divergent.  And why did this all happen?  Oh yes, she didn’t like how Four was treating her.  See what I mean about stupid choices?  Thankfully she is overall a strong, kick butt character so I still love her.

What did you think of the list?  Agree or Disagree?  Have a name to add?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I don’t really consider myself a fan of the Twilight books now, kind of find them annoying. And I was really annoyed the moment Jacob set eyes on the baby, because I just knew what it meant. That said, I was Team Jacob from the start of the books. And then the movies arrived, and that was cemented. 😉

    I also adored Ron Weasley. Always did! He was one of my favorite characters. Maybe not my favorite Weasley, because the twins will always hold that honor. But I did love him. Whining and all.

    • I don’t seem to like Twilight as much as I used to but since at one time I really was into it I still consider myself a fan of it. Yeah I didn’t exactly like how they gave Jacob a happy ending but I am happy he got one. I think my problem with him was always that I never saw any situation in where we would actually end up with bella. Which is why I would often yell at the book. And I agree I love ron which is why I can forgive his whining : )

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