Making Magnetic Poetry for National Poetry Month!

Howdy!  This week in our continuing celebration of April being National Poetry Month we are going to be talking magnetic poetry kits.  Magnetic poetry kits are basically just magnets with words on them that allow you to write and rewrite poems, songs, or just funny sayings over and over again.  You can leave a surprise poem for someone else to find or just have fun creating for yourself.  But if you want to be even more creative you can make your own magnetic poetry kit, that way you have the exact words you want.  All you need is some old magazines that you no longer want to read (do not use library magazines or you will end up having to pay for them!), scissors, magnetic strips/tape or just regular magnets.  I used magnetic tape that was sticky on one side but if yours isn’t you will need either double-sided tape or glue.

Spend some time looking through the magazines looking for words that you would say or ones that just amuse you even.  Cut out anything you think you might want to use.  I didn’t plan out what I was going to have my poem be I just started cutting out words then figured out later what I wanted to say.

premagnetic poetry

As you can see I picked some very random words.  Like I said earlier I used magnetic tape that was sticky on one side so all I had to do was stick the words I wanted to use to the magnetic tape.  I did have to glue down one word because it was having problems sticking but other than that this was super easy to do!

magnetic poetryMy poem is currently on the side of a book cart.  I tend to go for poems that don’t rhyme but you can create whatever you want!  If you want them to stay longer you can put modge podge glue over the top of the words, just make sure it is dry before you start using the magnets to create beautiful works of art.  Hope you are having as much fun with poetry month as I am!

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