Top Ten Tuesday!


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme over at The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors.  That’s great, except for the fact that if you read my Top Ten (well usually Five) Lists in the past then you probably already know who I’m going to write about because I’ve written a ton about them.  So I’ve decided to go rogue and do something different.  I looked through their list of old Top Ten Themes and found a topic that really got me thinking.  So today’s post will be all about Characters That I Wish Were My Family Members!  Click below to see who I’ve picked and let me know who you would want to be related to in the comments.  Enjoy!

Mother:  Mrs. Weasley from the Harry Potter Series  Ok this was by far the easiest choice of them all.  She cleans up after 7 kids, cooks never-ending meals,  is supportive of her husband’s odd hobbies (well for the most part, flying cars would be too much for anyone to handle), teaches her kids that standing up for what is right is more important than money or status, and even with little money or space she always opens her home up to Harry, Hermione, and various members of the order.  Not to mention will take down anyone who threatens her family.  She is the ultimate super mom and the first member of my Literature Family.

Dad:  James Ashley from Anna and the French Kiss  To be completely honest I couldn’t remember this guys name (thank you Google!).  And if you have read the book you will know he actually isn’t a very good dad.  He is the author of horribly sappy books that embarrasses his daughter, doesn’t have time for kids, is more concerned with working on his orangey tan than trying to make his marriage last.  So why would I pick him to be the father in my Literature Family?  Because then he would send me to Paris.  Seriously Anna may complain about it (at first) but me personally I would let him pay for me to live in Paris for a year in a heartbeat.  Thanks for the trip Literature Dad!

Sisters:  June from the Legend Series, Sophronia from the Finishing School Series, and Josie from the Monument 14 Series  I couldn’t decide between these three awesome ladies then I realized why should I.  This is my Literature Family so why not make it a large one!  With June you can expect loyalty, considering that is how all her adventures got started in the Legend Series, due to her extreme loyalty to her brother.  Anyone who has ever read the Finishing School Series knows you would have never-ending adventures with Sophronia.  And Josie is there to balance it all out like a second mother, just like she does in the Monument 14 Series.  Anyone would consider themselves lucky to have sisters like these girls!

Brothers:  Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter Series, Carter Kane from the Kane Chronicle Series  I go back and forth on if I really want Fred and George in my family.  On one hand you would always be laughing.  On the other hand you would never know what was about to happen to you.  Hopefully they will treat me more like they treated Ginny and not how they treated Percy.  Carter would be a great balance to the always laughing Weasley twins.  Having grown up with a no-nonsense father he is the constant practical voice in the Kane Chronicles and always ready for any situation, which would come in handy with the family I’ve created.

Extended Family:  The Cullens from the Twilight Series  Come on, with cousins who can literally rip people part no body would mess with my family.

Crazy Uncle:  Professor Digory Kirke from the Chronicles of Narnia Series  He has a big house out in the country, is slightly eccentric, and actually believes your stories about going to another land through the back of a wardrobe. Perfect for that crazy uncle you just can’t help but love.

So what do you think of my family?  Who would be in yours?  Let me know!

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