Blackout Poetry for National Poetry Month!

Today in our continued celebration of April being National Poetry Month I thought I would talk to you about blackout poetry.  It is a fun and creative way to turn old books and newspapers into brand new art!

All you need is either old books you no longer want or old newspapers that no one is no longer wanting read (since you will be coloring in them make sure not to use library books or books that don’t belong to you).  Then using a marker you cover over all the words that are not a part of your poem.  I went through with a pencil and circled the words of my poem first so I wouldn’t accidentally color over them.  The best part is not only can you be creative with the words on the page, connecting words from different sentences together, but you can also be creative with how you color over the other words.  You can do anything from just coloring over in a block, to making a specific design, to making up your own shapes.  It is all up to you!  Here are two poems I did.  Hope you have fun making your own blackout poetry!

poetry pic 5poetry pic 1



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