Book Spotlight!

steelheartToday i’m doing a Book Spotlight! one of the 2016 Louisiana Teen Reader’s Choice Award nominee’s Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson.

David was just a boy when The Calamity happened, an event in the sky that brought superpowers to some humans, now called Epics.  Scientist aren’t sure how this happened and David doesn’t care.  All he knows is that he wants the Epics dead, starting with the one running the town of Newcago (formally Chicago) Steelheart.  No Epic is good, they all kill, steal, and make life for ordinary citizens miserable but Steelheart is the worst.  He reigns over Newcago with an iron fist, simply looking at him wrong is a cause of execution, and worst of all no weapon, no matter how powerful, can even slightly hurt him.  But David has a secret, he saw Steelheart bleed, right before Steelheart killed his father.  Since then he has dedicated his whole life to finding a way to bring Steelheart and the other Epics down.  Most citizens of Newcago refuse to fight back, knowing it is a losing battle and while they are always in danger at least they have electricity and running water which most other towns don’t.  However one group, called the Reckoners, is determined to take down as many Epics as possible, each time having to figure out that Epic’s secret weak spot then using it against them.  With David’s years of research and the Reckoners’ technology they might just have a chance of taking on Steelheart.  But fighting your way through Epics that can shoot electricity, make illusions, never run out of bullets, know exactly where you are going to shoot before you shoot, or make permanent night fall on the city is just the beginning of their problems because unless they figure out Steelheart’s weakness they will be killed.  This is an exciting book that looks at the dark side of superpowers and how ordinary people can make a difference.  Anyone who like anything related to superheros will enjoy this book.  First in a series.  Click here to request this book.


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