Book Spotlight!

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry that I have a been a bit absent from posting. Unfortunately the last week of the month seems to be when everything happens so it has been a very hectic around here.  But as promised I am here to present to you a Book Spotlight on the book The Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.

leviathanThe world is on the brink of World War I but this isn’t the war you learned about in History class.   Aleksandar Ferdinand is the Prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which is a great Clanker power.  Clankers use all things mechanical, steam powered walkers are there main form of transportation and their best war machines.  Training to pilot these walkers with Master Klopp is Alek’s favorite thing (unlike his fencing lessons with the Wildcount Volger).  When his parents are killed, starting what becomes a full blown war, Alek has to flee his home and learns that the political forces behind his parents death my not be foreign but from within his own extended family. Aided by Klopp, Volger, and two loyal soldiers he finds that he is no longer in training but running for his life.

Deryn Sharp lives in England and is a true Darwinist. To her using fabricated animals (made by scientist who weave different life threads from different species together to create something completely new) to do physical labor, transportation, and as weapons  makes more sense then using some dumb lifeless machine.  But what she really wants more than anything is to use one to fly.  Unfortunately ever since her father was killed in a ballooning accident she has been stuck on the ground.  Deryn knows that she would be better than any boy in British Air Force but since they don’t take girls she must alter her hair, clothing and voice to pretend to be a boy named Dylan.  If anyone ever finds out her true identity her actions would be considered treason.  It’s all worth it to her though for the opportunity to serve on the Leviathan, a giant whale like creature that was created from hundreds of different lifeforms to be the best war ship in the British fleet.

Both alek and deryn/dylan face the terrible realities of war and find themselves stranded in the alps with little hope of making it through the war.  They form an uneasy alliance between alek’s men and the crew of the Leviathan.  With both sides withholding information but still needing each other to make it out alive, the adventures and deceptions have just begun.  What mission has the great airbeast headed towards the neutral Ottoman Empire?  Why is Alek’s own family trying to kill him?  And the biggest question: Can Clankers and Darwinist actually work together? Great read for anyone who loves war stories, action/adventure, or alternate history (author has notes at the end of the book talking about what parts are true and what parts he altered from history).  First book in a trilogy.  To request this book click here.


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