Top Ten Tuesday!


Hey everyone!  Today over at The Broke and the Bookish the top ten theme is likes and dislikes when it comes to romances in books.  For my Top Ten i’m actually going to keep the same theme, so click below to read my Top Ten Likes/Dislikes when it comes to romances in books!


1.  Characters declaring their love after knowing each other for a few days:  Um no.  They probably aren’t in love.  Attracted? Yes.  Falling for each other?  Ok sure i’ll even go for that.  But in real life more than likely you haven’t gotten to know the other person well enough to say you are in love or at the very least you probably haven’t even admitted to yourself yet how much you feel for the other person, let alone tell them.  Yes I believe you can have an instant connection with someone but realistically this isn’t going to happen as often as it seems to happen in books.  Love takes time.


1.   Having a crush on an fictional character:  Come on you got to admit there has been at least on character you wished was an actual person (mine is Prince Po from Graceling by Kristin Cashore).


2. Characters that fall madly in love in the first book….only to doubt that love in the second book: I hate when characters declare their never ending love at the beginning of a series just to have them in the second book seem like they are going to break up with the slightest bump in the road. Come on, when you have characters fall in love that fast we all know they aren’t going to break up or stay broken up. It makes the “trouble” feel fake.


2. Characters facing real problems: I like when the trouble the characters run into feels like something that would actually happen or you have actually had happened in your love life. Even in futuristic worlds there are basic relationship issues that all couple might have to deal with and that would cause trouble that is real.


3. Perfect characters: Ok here is a fact of life, no matter how much you love someone you are still going to do something every once in a while to make them mad/upset. Not on purpose but occasionally as humans we make mistakes that affect others. So when there are characters that are together and they are just perfect, never say or do anything to upset the other person, never get angry, never make a bad choice, never say the wrong thing at the wrong time, I get frustrated. They don’t need to be jerks to each other but they do need to be human.


3. Awkward Encounters: As an awkward person nothing makes me fall in love with a couple more then when they have those “still getting to know you” awkward moments. Something charming about seeing a couple grow through the awkward moments into something more real. Plus you can’t help but giggle.


4. Keeping secrets for no real reason: Some secrets are important. Some are clearly just used to make a character seem distant or mysterious.  Or even worse to try to make some kinda plot twist that we as readers figured out pretty quickly but the main character seemed to have no idea about.  Really people, just tell the truth from the beginning, usually the “big secret” isn’t that big.


4. Keeping important secrets:  Occasionally there are times when you do need to keep a secret, as in actual life or death situations for the character (or for someone the character loves) and I can’t help but feel for the character when they don’t want to be mysterious, they want to tell the person they love everything.  You see this a lot in Historical Fiction, especially anything set during War.


5.  Love Triangles:  Oh boy, I could do an entire blog about nothing but how much I hate 99% of love triangles written in books.  They drive me insane.  Mainly because I never really believe that they are real.  I feel like from the very beginning most of the time I know exactly who the Main character is going to end up with and the second boy (from my experience reading love triangles happen most when the main character is female, let me know if i’m wrong!)  never actually ever has a chance.  I would much rather use real things that happen in life (misunderstanding, jealousy, difficult circumstances with your family, ect.)  to make the couple have trouble instead of  throwing some character in order to make the main character have to “choose”.  No more triangles!


5.  The extremely rare Love Triangle that actually makes sense:  As much as I do hate Love Triangle even I can admit that sometimes they work.  It seems to work best when romance isn’t the main theme of the book.  Best example to me is The Hunger Games series.

So there is my list.  Agree?  Disagree? Let me know in the comments!


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