Book Spotlight!

So on Friday I said I would be doing a Book Spotlight on Monday.  Unfortunately I didn’t know I would be sick on Monday and unable to post.  So can we just pretend like this was posted on Monday?  That would be great, thanks!  So with out further ado I present today’s Book Spotlight I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak.

i am messengerEd Kennedy is as average as you can be.  He drives a cab, follows the same routine every week, loses in the same card game against the same friends day after day, and no matter how many times his best friend makes it clear that she isn’t interested in him as more than a friend he still keeps wishing one day she would change her mind.  Ed is going nowhere but he doesn’t really care as long as he has his stinky dog, the Doorman, to drink coffee with.  That is until Ed gets accidentally involved in a robbery gone wrong.  Until he receives his first Ace.  Then life will never be the same and neither will Ed.

Each Ace leads Ed a person.  Each person is in need of a message.  Ed must determine what that message is and how to deliver it.  He must care when others don’t.  Sometimes caring is easy, sometimes it is nauseatingly hard.  But for the first time in Ed’s life something matters, so he delivers messages to strangers both young and old, nice and mean, easy and hard.  But with each Ace the messages become harder and the names aren’t always that of strangers.  Through it all Ed desperately searches for who is behind all this, who thought Ed would be good at this, who could be sending the Aces?  Neither Ed nor the reader is truly ready for that answer.  Recommend for older teens and people who enjoy books that really make you think, especially about yourself and society.  To request this book click here.

P.S.-The end….oh the ending.  I promise no spoilers but I can honestly say when I finished this book I immediately went online to see what others were saying about that ending.

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