Anime Club and Top Teen Tuesday!

Hey everyone!  Today I not only have a new Top Ten from The Broke and the Bookish but also a reminder about January’s Anime Club meeting.

anime club logo

Anime Club Meeting will be this Saturday, January 24th from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.  Like always we will have snacks, watch different anime series, and discuss them. I’ll also have manga available for you look at and check out.  Bring your friends!


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme over at the The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Book Boyfriends.  I however am going to tweak the theme slightly to make my own Top Ten Book Best Friends.  Click below to see my list of who I would want to be Best Friends with and tell me in the comments your picks.

1.  Grover from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series:  With fury feet he has to hide in fake sneakers to bad pipe playing that never works he might not seem like the first guy satyr that you think someone would pick to be best friends with but what he lacks in skill he more than makes up for in determination and loyalty.  If i’m being attacked by ancient Greek monsters I want him by my side (and hopefully Annabeth is on the other side to help us when we mess up!)

2.  Ron Weasly from the Harry Potter series: I know I know, i’m supposed to say Harry cause after all he is the main character and is pretty awesome.  Or i should say Hermione because she is so smart and again pretty awesome.  And that’s all true and it would be awesome to be friends with any of them.  But if I have to pick between them I’m picking Ron.  Ron is loyal (he always returns and that’s what matters), funny, and honest (mostly cause he oblivious to how to be tactful).  Plus everyone needs a friend who is going to wait till the last moment to do homework that way you’re not lonely when you are staying up last minute doing your homework as well!

3.  Iko from Cinder:  You don’t have to be human to be my best friend. Blame it on a faulty personality chip but Iko the android is sweet, caring, and a little crazy when it comes to boys, makeup, and dressing nice (she never lets a silly thing like not having a human body stop her from accessorizing!).  She is the best gal pal you could ever build.

4.  Johannah Mason from Catching Fire:  Her sassy attitude is like 99% of why I want to be friends with her.  Sure she has her problems but who doesn’t?  Plus she is majorly terrifying so I would kinda to be afraid not to be friends with her.

5.  Lena Kaligaris from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series:  She is the kinda best friend I would be jealous of because she is artistic.  Along with her drawing/painting abilities she brings a shy sweetness that is needed in friendships and is an experienced world traveler (I would totally go to Greece with her).  Maybe we can find our own magical pants!

6.  Alice from the Twilight series:  Come on, she has visions from the future.  That’s a handy best friend to have.

7.  Meredith from Anna and the French Kiss:  After only knowing Anna for about a minute she opens up her room to her so she won’t be lonely, she makes her chocolat chaud (hot chocolate), and invites her to hang out with her friends.  That’s the kinda best friend I want to be for someone and I would love to drink hot chocolate, play soccer, and listen to the Beetles with Meredith.

8.  Cather from Fangirl:  I have to admit I see a lot of myself in Cather (from reading fanfiction to an anxiety of new places, sometimes I thought I was reading about myself) which is probably why i want to be best friends with her.  Of course if you have read the book you know becoming friends with her is tricky.

9. and 10. Prince Aleksandar (Alek) and Deryn/Dylan Sharp from the Leviathan series:  So i knew I wanted one of these two on my list but I couldn’t decided which.  Alek is royalty who can pilot mechanical walkers, fence, and speak multiple langues. How cool is that?  On the other hand Deryn pretends to be a boy named Dylan so that she can fly in giant genetically altered creatures as part of the British Royal Air Force.  She is smart, tricky, and brilliant at all things aeronautic.  She would be so cool to hang out with and hear about her crazy air adventures.  So which one to pick?  Both, because as cool as they are separately they amazing when working together.  Deryn would take us on adventures, Alek would keep us out of trouble, and I would bring the snacks!

Agree or disagree?  Did I miss someone even better to be best friends with?  Let me know in the comments!


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