Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Sin-Eater’s Confession by: Isla J. Bick.

sineaterBen has always been a good kid. He consistently makes the best grades in class, he’s involved in numerous extracurricular activities, and he’s looking into getting early acceptance into Yale. By all accounts, his life is almost perfect. Except Ben is harboring a terrible secret that’s slowly eating him from the inside out.

Ben used to have a friend named Jimmy. Jimmy was always a little different. He was quiet, shy, and artsy. Everyone always made assumptions about him, but no one ever said anything outloud. That is, until he was found brutally murdered outside of a barn.

Ben knows who murdered Jimmy. At least, he thinks he knows. He was a silent witness to all of it, watching from the shadows. He knows about the stones, the hatchet, and the sad little sound Jimmy made before the life passed out of him. He saw it all and he didn’t stop it. And now he has to live with the consequences.

The Sin-Eater’s Confession is a dark book about morally grey decisions and trying to uncover the truth. It’s very tough to read sometimes because of a few very graphic scenes and the stream-of-consciousness writing style, but if you are interested in books about complex characters and hard situations, this might be a book you’d want to read. To reserve a copy, please fill out a book request form.

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