The Teen Scene is Coming!

If you’ve been in the library, you definitely know that our YA area is lacking. The walls are boring and neutral, the shelves are old and crowded, and the space is tightly cramped. In addition to this, the furniture is old, ugly, and uncomfortable. It’s not a very welcoming place.

Fortunately for you, we have plans to completely change the YA section, and we’re going to do it how you want us to. This past Saturday, August 23, we met with a few teens from each of the local high schools to discuss how they wanted to change the space to make it more inviting for the teen crowd. During the next four months, the students will design and create a comfortable, welcoming,  and appealing community center where parish high school students can gather to study, work on group projects, read, or just hang out.

The students are doing pretty much everything on their own. They’ll be supervised by art teachers from the two high schools (Janeese Font and Christie Markins) as well as local artist Dan Swetman and the librarians in the youth services department. But aside from supervision, they’ll be managing and carrying out the project all on their own, just like they would if they were contractors working on a real job.

01There are a total of seven students working on the project. They are (from left to right): Allison Bodan, Sydni Tibbits, and Jacqueline Begue (all from Brusly High School), and Trevor Hopkins and Louis Cador, both from Port Allen High School. Not pictured are Kristen McElhaten of Brusly High and Jason Wade of Port Allen. The group consists of juniors and seniors who are especially gifted at art and who are dedicated to the project.

We are excited to begin work on this project. Check back on line and at the library periodically to see their progress. And who knows, maybe you can help change the library with skills of your own!



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