Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Boy Nobody by: Allen Zadoff.

boyBoy Nobody has a name–he just doesn’t remember it. He isn’t allowed to remember it. Memories can interfere with the mission, and there’s nothing more important to the mission.

He goes from school to school, forever the new kid, growing close to people and then vanishing without a trace. He leaves absolutely nothing but a wake of death and destruction that cannot be traced back to him. But of course, he’s responsible for all of them.

Boy Nobody is an assassin, working for a top-secret organization that calls itself The Program. He reports to “Mother” and receives missions from “Father” and he must not ask questions about anything. The only thing he has to do is complete the mission and everything is fine.

But one day, things aren’t fine. He’s given a very strange mission with a small time window and nearly impossible parameters to work within. It seems impossible, but Boy Nobody is convinced he can still pull it off. If he doesn’t, it means being pulled out of The Program. And nobody survives being pulled out of The Program. But the challenges might prove too much for his skills.

Boy Nobody is a book that reads a lot like an action movie. He’s got the assassination skills of Jason Bourne and the gadgets of James Bond. If you like stories about spies, conspiracies, and covert military operations, you’ll definitely want to check this book out. To reserve a copy, please fill out a book request form.

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