Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on All Our Pretty Songs by: Sarah McCarry.

prettysongsAurora and her friend have grown up like sisters, although they couldn’t be more different. Aurora is the perfectly beautiful daughter of a junkie and a dead rock star and her friend is a pale, punk rock daughter of a witch. But the love these two girls share for each other runs deeper than anything and they are sure nothing will ever come between them. Until Jack shows up.

Jack is a musician who appeared seemingly out of nowhere . Jack who is immensely gifted at music and impossibly beautiful. Jack who brings trouble. His presence causes chaos in their already chaotic life and draws them deep into a world of supernatural darkness and terror. The only way Aurora and her friend can whether through the insanity is by remembering the love they have for each other. But that becomes harder and harder to do as their lives slowly begin to unravel and spin out of control.

All Our Pretty Songs is the first novel in a series of retold Greek myths. It is a very bleak novel with some adult themes and graphic scenery. If you are a fan of dark literature, folklore, and music, you will definitely want to check these book out. To reserve a copy, please fill out a book request form.


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