Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Caged Graves by: Dianne K. Salerni.

12394044Verity Boone has only recently come back to her rural hometown of Catawissa, Pennsylvania in order to meet and marry her fiance Nathaniel McClure. The memory of the town she has is picture-perfect with friendly neighbors, a loving family, and happiness all around. She is certain that she will be happier with a new life there than the old life she had back in the city.

However, things don’t exactly live up to her expectations. Nathaniel is handsome, yes, but he’s awkward and silent in person, so much so that she cannot reconcile the person she fell in love with in his letters and the person she meets face to face. In addition, the townsfolk seem to treat her with polite disdain and she doesn’t know why. The only clue she has is the fact that there are two mysterious graves housed in cages outside of the church that have her mother’s and aunt’s names on them. Verity’s father will tell her nothing about the cages and the only information she can get out of her neighbors are rumors about witchcraft and a hidden cache of Revolutionary War gold.

Verity sets out to discover the secret of the graves and finds herself in the middle of a huge centuries-old conspiracy that places her very life in danger. This is a historical fiction novel full of danger and mystery. If you think you might like to reserve a copy of this book, please go to our website and fill out a book request form.


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