Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on OCD, The Dude, and Me by: Lauren Roedy Vaughn.

ocdDanielle Levine is not your normal teenager. She obsesses over things that don’t seem to matter to anyone else, she can have a panic attack if the slightest thing goes wrong, and she keeps shelves and shelves of journals that meticulously record every moment of her miserable life. She doesn’t have very many friends and she’s convinced that she never will. And to make matters worse, her parents are forcing her to attend a social skills class with a bunch of other weirdos at her school. She thinks her situation is hopeless.

Except slowly, things start to change. She meets a boy in her social skills class named Daniel who is obsessed with the movie The Big Lebowski. The two become friends against all odds and he introduces Danielle to a world she didn’t even know she could be a apart of. The wall she built in order to keep herself safe from the world starts to crumble and it’s a scary, exciting experience. Danielle starts to wonder if her life really is hopeless or if she can start to change things for herself after all.

This is a great book that deals with the very real concepts of anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental health issues in a completely understanding way. The main character, although she has a very poor outlook on herself, is hilarious and observant about the world around her and she can have you laughing one minute and tearing up the next. This isn’t your typical school or friendship story. If you’re looking for something a little quirky that deals with actual real world problems, this might be the book for you! To reserve a copy, please go to the library’s website and fill out a book request form.


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