Top Ten Tuesday


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme from The Broke and the Bookish is “Ten Books That Will Be In My Beach Bag This Summer.”


I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by: Stephanie Kuehnert

Emily Black grew up with punk music as her life blood and it’s largely due to her mother. Louisa Black left when Emily was four months old, following the punk scene and never returning to her daughter. Now Emily’s grown up and in a punk band of her own. She’s driven to write that perfect song that will launch them into the spotlight, because if Louisa really is still following the music, it should lead her right back home to Emily.


Fat Angie by: E.E. Charlton-Turjillo

Angie has always been ostracized at her school for being the fat kid. She uses food as a comfort item for when her mother can’t be bothered to deal with her, for when she finds out her sister’s been captured in Iraq, and for when she’s made fun of for being fat. It’s a never-ending cycle that she can’t escape. She tries to end it with a suicide attempt in front of the entire school, but even that fails. Her life is miserable. That is, until KC Romance comes to school. She’s a girl like no other and she’s the first to see Angie for more than what everyone else sees her as; to KC she isn’t fat Angie, she’s just Angie.  And KC helps her to realize that maybe things won’t be terrible forever and maybe, just maybe, Angie is allowed to hope for the best.


More Than This by: Patrick Ness

Seth drowns, desperate and alone. Except he doesn’t. He wakes up naked, starving, thirsty, and confused as to why he is still alive. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got there. Everything about this place seems familiar, but different. And so he sets out on a search, hoping that he’ll find answers and if there’s more to wherever he is than just this.

maggot moon

Maggot Moon by: Sally Gardner

Standish Treadwell isn’t very smart. He’s got two different color eyes that seem to see things differently from the rest of the world. He lives in the Motherland behind a big wall that no one ever crosses. Until the football flies over it one day and he and his best friend go over to find it. There they find something much bigger that the Motherland doesn’t want anyone to know about. There they find secrets.


All Our Pretty Songs by: Sarah McCarry

This is the story of two girls who grow up like sisters more than anything. They’re inseparable until Jack comes to town. He brings with him music and the promise of love, and soon the two girls realize they must choose between him and their own bond of friendship. Except that’s not all that’s at stake. Jack’s musical gift has not only awakened their hearts but something much more ancient and much more evil. Magic and myth begin to swirl into the mundane and soon the two girls face a terrible danger that only one of them can fight.


The Name of the Star by: Maureen Johnson

Rory Deveaux arrives in London from Louisiana just in time to witness the start of a killing spree that mimics the famous Whitechapel murders that were attributed to Jack the Ripper in the late 19th century.  The police have no leads, except one: Rory herself. She saw the man who is believed to be the killer. She’s the only one who can see the man who is believed to be the killer. Because Rory has special powers, and it’s a race against time as she tries to harness them before the man kills again.


The Diviners by: Libba Bray

It’s 1926 and New York City is bustling with jazz, speak-easies, modern women, and crime. Evie O’Neill has been sent to live here with her weird occultist uncle, exiled from her own home because of a dark secret she’d rather not share. She’s fine for a while, until a girl is found murdered with a strange symbol on her forehead. Evie’s uncle is called to the scene and it’s then that Evie realizes that her dark secret might be able to help the police catch the murderer before he strikes again.


OCD, The Dude, and Me by: Lauren Roedy Vaughn

Danielle Levine is used to being an outcast. She goes to an “alternative highschool,” which seems bad enough, but even there she doesn’t fit in with her frizzy red hair, plus-sized body, and her unique learning profile. She keeps everyone at arm’s length so they don’t get too close to her so no one can tease her more than they already do. But this changes when the school forces her to enroll in a class on social skills and she meets Daniel, a boy who is just as ostracized as she is and who is obsessed with the movie The Big Lebowski.

Disenchantments Original

The Disenchantments by: Nina LaCour

Best friends Colby and Bev have decided long ago that after they graduate, they’re going on tour with Bev’s band and then spending the year wandering Europe. They’ve had this plan forever and it seems like nothing is going to change until Bev drops a major bomb one day: after her band’s tour, she’s leaving Colby and Europe behind in favor of going to college. So the two friends have to deal with this new distance between them that only seems to grow wider by the minute, and they have to decide what’s next before the end of the summer when Bev leaves for school.


Shift by: Jennifer Bradbury

Chris and Win, against all odds, somehow convince their parents to let them take a long bike trek across the entire United States. Everything’s fine at first until they have a huge fight and Chris sets out on her own, leaving Win behind to finish the trip himself. She makes it to Seattle and then all the way back home on her own. She goes about her life, entering college, never once taking for granted that her former best friend Win has managed to do the same thing. Until one day, she finds out that he doesn’t.



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