Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Origin by: Jessica Khoury.

13455112Pia is perfect. She’s beautiful, she’s smart, but best of all: she cannot die. She was raised by a team of scientists in a compound called Little Cam where they spend all day preparing her to eventually join their Immortis team where she can study the mysterious Elysia flower which is somehow related to immortality.  But to get on this team, she has to pass a series of rigorous tests that are extremely difficult and uncomfortable. And to top it all off, she is completely forbidden from leaving Little Cam and learning about the outside world.

But none of this has ever bothered Pia. All she wants is to learn more about Elysia and how it has made her the only immortal on the planet. Everything else is unnecessary and she doesn’t concern herself with it. Until one day, she finds a hole in the fence surrounding Little Cam. Against her better judgment, she sneaks out–just the once–to see what is so dangerous about the outside world that it could harm someone who cannot die. There, she meets a boy in the jungle who opens her mind to the fact that Little Cam might not be what she thinks it is and the people who she grew up with might be hiding more than just the secret of the Elysia flower from her.

Origin is a thrilling sci fi mystery that examines the questions of whether or not humans should try to play God. It’s also a rollicking adventure through both the Amazonian Jungle and the cold, strict world of science. Although it isn’t technically a dystopia, fans of the genre will find something enjoyable about the way Little Cam is run. If you are interested in this book and would like to place a copy of it on hold, please fill out a book request form.


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