Book Spotlight!

Sorry for the inactivity! We’ve been preparing the library for our summer program! But now it’s back to your regularly scheduled blog posts, starting today with the Book Spotlight segment!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit by: Naoko Uehashi.

moriBalsa is a bodyguard. She roams the kingdom of New Yogo wielding her giant spear, looking to help anyone who can pay her. One day, she witnesses one of the emperor’s sons, Prince Chagum, fall into a river and without thinking, she jumps in to save him. This one act of kindness changes her life.

Chagum’s mother tells Balsa that her husband has ordered his men to kill Chagum because he is harboring the life of a spirit egg and if anyone discovered this, the entire kingdom would be in peril. Balsa accepts the task of protecting Chagum’s life knowing that she can best anyone in a fight. But something far more sinister is after Chagum too. Something spiritual that Balsa cannot see. This creature is after the egg inside of Chagum and will stop at nothing to eat it. It is an action-packed race against time as Balsa strives to protect Chagum until the egg inside him is born on midsummer’s day.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit is the first in a series of books about Balsa and her friends. It is a Japanese book, originally published in 2003 before it was translated into English and brought to America. Coincidentally, this book is very similar to Japanese comics (manga). In addition to being partially illustrated, the novel is full of action and supernatural feats that are familiar to any of you who love action manga. This book has also been made into an anime series of the same name. If you are a fan of thrilling adventure stories, you may want to read this book. To reserve your copy please fill out our book request form, or you can come to the library and try your luck.


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