Lost Sock Memorial Day

tumblr_m0uf011wlR1qif3o4Everyone knows that at the end of May we celebrate Memorial Day, but there is a lesser known memorial day that just so happens to be today, May 9.

Lost Sock Memorial Day is a day that we set aside to honor (and maybe search for) those rogue socks that have gone missing on laundry day.  Regardless of whether they’ve gone to another dimension, were eaten by the washing machine, or are just lost in our rooms, the hope is that we can reunite our poor lonely socks with their missing partners or at least honor the memory of when the two of them were together.

I’m sure we’re all aware that socks aren’t the only things that can be lost and found. Why don’t you come down to the library and check out some of these fabulous books about finding missing things? 

where-things-come-back1Where Things Come Back by: John Corey Whaley

Cullen Whitter lives in a small town in Arkansas that is caught up in a Lazarus Craze–that is, the Lazarus Woodpecker. It’s a species of bird thought to have gone extinct in the 1940s, but was spotted not too long ago by a local birdwatcher. While the town is caught up in celebrations for this new discover, Cullen realizes that his younger brother Gabriel has suddenly disappeared.

While Cullen spends his time searching for his brother, a young missionary hundreds of miles away in Africa is doing a search of his own. He has lost his faith and must find is on a personal mission to find it again if he can. Although the two stories seem unrelated at first, over the course of the novel they weave together, coming to an exciting conclusion at the climax of the book.

Where Things Come Back is a book about longing, regret, absurdity, and above all: hope. This book was also a Louisiana Teen Reader’s Choice Award Nominee for 2014.

{349FE76C-FC41-4E30-95F2-074B0325CEE1}Img400The Chaos Code by: Justin Richards

Matt Stribling is the son of an archaeologist who is used to his brilliant, scatterbrained father’s antics. So he thinks absolutely nothing of arriving at his father’s house and finding it an upside down mess with no sign of it’s inhabitant in sight. This is just something he’s come to expect.

Except something’s a little off. A cryptic message leads him to discover that his father had been searching for an ancient, lost code that has the power to bring down civilizations. Someone found out and stole the code along with Matt’s father. Now, with the help of his friend Robin, Matt must traverse the globe in order to find his father as well as prevent the possible destruction of civilization as we know it.

This book is reminiscent of old pulp novels from the 1950s. It’s chock full of action, adventure, and mystery. If you enjoy the Indiana Jones films, you’ll definitely want to give this book a read.

Indigo Awakening_front cover A_optIndigo Awakening by: Jordan Dane

Rayne Darby’s brother Lucas has gone missing because the voices in his head told him to run. Before he left, he told her not to come looking for him, but Rayne can’t just sit back and let her troubled brother vanish. So she sets out into the streets of LA to look for him and bring him back home.

Along the way, she meets Gabriel Stewart, a runaway teen with a powerful secret. He’s an Indigo Kid, a young psychic with amazing powers. Rayne discovers that her brother Lucas was as well, and that the reason he disappeared was because he was being chased by The Believers, a group of religious fanatics who are bent on eradicating the Indigos who they believe are the next stage of human evolution.

This is a dark urban fantasy thriller that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seats. It’s also the first book in a series called The Hunted, so if this book hooks you (and you just know it will) you’ll have more books to pick up when you’ve finished.

7932010A Time of Miracles by: Anne-Laure Bondoux

All his life, Blaise Fortune has been told the story of how he ended up living with Gloria in the Republic of Georgia: she was picking peaches in her father’s orchard when she witnessed a train accident. A French woman handed her a baby and told her to care for it just before she died and that baby was Blaise. He never questioned the truth of this story because he had no reason to believe that Gloria would lie about that.

But when he turned seven years old, Georgia experienced a period of unrest. Gloria decides that she and Blaise must flee the country to avoid trouble and civil unrest in their homeland. Over the course of five years, Blaise journeys across Europe to find a better home, meeting other refugees and learning that his past might not be what he thought it was. When he grows to be a young man, he finally attempts to search for the truth of his identity and he’s surprised to see what he finds.

This novel is historical fiction and was originally published for a French-speaking French audience, but the message behind this tear-jerker is universal. It’s about exile, sacrifice, hope, survival, and love.

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