Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Death Cloud by Andrew Lane.

Death-Cloud-HCYou’ve all heard of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes, but have you ever wondered what turned him into the great sleuth he turned out to be? Author Andrew Lane answers this question for us with Death Cloud, the first book in his series Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins.

Young Sherlock is 14 years old and fresh out of his first year at boarding school. His plans to spend summer at home with his family or in London with his brother have been dashed. Instead, he has to spend the summer in the countryside with an uncle that he’s never met, under the watchful eye of a tutor. It’s shaping up to be the most miserable time of his young life.

But that’s when they find the body. And shortly after, a second one. Nothing about these two deaths is the same except for the fact that they’re both covered in large, red welts. Suddenly, Sherlock finds him self in the middle of a mystery and he is the only one who can solve it. With the help of some friends, he goes on a mad chase all throughout England and France in order to find out who or what has caused the deaths of these two men.

If you like, mysterious thrillers, you’ll definitely want to check this book out. Some scenes can get quite graphic and dark, so take caution if you are sensitive to violence and gore. If you’re interested in reading this book, come on down to the library and check it out. You can also fill out this book request form to make sure you get it before anyone else does. Tell us what you think of this book in the comments!


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