Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is the graphic novel Ghost World by Daniel Clowes.

Ghost-WorldBest friends Rebecca Doppelmeyer and Enid Coleslaw (yes, that’s her real last name!) have recently graduate high school and spend their summer hanging out around town, avoiding actual work and their looming futures. They hate everyone and everything and they don’t care who knows it. Most of their time is spent hanging around diners, shops, or with their sort-of-friend Josh who they bully for rides around town.

Rebecca and Enid have been friends forever, bound by their common disinterest with the world around them, but lately things have begun to change. Rebecca starts to drift away from the weird things the Enid likes and Enid is thinking of moving away to college without Rebecca. They start to argue. They start to fight. Neither one of them knows how to grow up from teenagers to adults with the other. Their story is told in a series of vignettes over the course of a summer. They each have decisions to make about how their lives will go on with or without each other.

If you like stories with snarky female protagonists, you’ll definitely love this one. It also has a heavy dose of angst and quirkiness that are sure to make for an interesting read. If you’d like us to bring this book to school for you, please fill out a book request form. If you’ve already read this book, let us know what you thought of it in the comments!


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