Book Spotlight!

Today’s book spotlight is on The Monstrumologist by: Rick Yancey.

The-MonstrumologistWill Henry’s parents tragically died in a fire five years ago leaving him in the care of his father’s former employer, Dr. Pellinore Warthrop. Almost everyone in town knows Dr. Warthrop as a doctor of philosophy, but almost no one believes that’s what he really does. He gets calls from strangers in the middle of the night, he spends most of his time locked up in a laboratory in his basement, and he goes for days on end without sleep or food as he dissects things people bring him.

Will Henry knows the truth. Dr. Warthrop is a doctor of monstrumology, the study of what everyone else thinks of as monsters. They aren’t figures of our imaginations, they’re very real and very dangerous, and Dr. Warthrop’s work is essential to keeping everyone safe. And Will Henry’s presence is essential to Dr. Warthrop.

One night, a man comes to Dr. Warthrop’s door carrying something evil wrapped up in a length of cloth. This delivery sets off a series of events that causes the deaths of seven people and endangers the lives of the entire city. Will Henry finds himself at the center of the action, running from and fighting horrible creatures called Anthropophagi who love nothing more than eating fresh human flesh.

Set in Victorian America, this novel is chock full of action, gore, and horror. If you have a queasy stomach, you might want to avoid this one, as some of the scenes are rather graphic. However, if you love suspense, thrilling adventures, and creepy monsters, this story is for you. The Monstrumologist is the first book in a series of the same name. The library has the first three books in the quadrology and the fourth book will arrive in our collection shortly. If you would like us to hold a copy of the book for you or bring it to the schools for you, please fill out a book request form and let us know!


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