Top Ten Tuesday


Once again, it’s time for The Broke and the Bookish‘s Top Ten Tuesday. This week, the theme is Top Ten “Gateway” Books/Authors In My Reading Journey.  Click under the cut to find mine and leave me a comment telling me yours!

monsterThe Monster at the End of This Book. It was mass produced and not particularly well-written, but I remember sitting for hours making my mom read this book with me until I could read it myself. I’ve got a lot of good memories with this book and I don’t think I would like reading as much as I do today if my mom hadn’t indulged me.



princeThe Little Prince. I read this book when I was in middle school because I needed to do a quick project and it was one of the shortest books in the library. I ended up liking it, although the real meaning of the book didn’t hit me  until I was older. This book is technically classified as a children’s book, but it’s almost really more for adults and it always makes me cry. I don’t think I would be so open to reading books that are meant for people younger than me if I didn’t still love this book so much.


wrinkleA Wrinkle in Time. My grandmother got me this book when I was young. I kept putting it off and putting it off because this was a weird fusion of fantasy and science fiction and I had no desire to read it at all. I finally read it because my mom refused to buy me anymore books and I was sick of re-reading what I already had. I am so glad I did. I’ve been more open to reading fantasy because I loved this book so much.



goosebumpsThe Goosebumps Series. I love horror now, but I hated it when I was younger. I was scared of everything and I didn’t really need any books making it worse. But of course, all of my peers were reading these Goosebumps books and I didn’t want to feel left out, so I read them even though I was scared. Turns out I really did like horror after all. I read all of these books as quickly as I could and then moved on to R.L. Stine’s books that were meant for teenagers.


harry_potter_paperback_setHarry Potter. I was always sort of an avid reader, but these books made reading cool for everyone else. I could finally talk to my friends about books and get them to read too because they were all reading Harry Potter with me. I’m so thankful for JK Rowling for giving my friends and I something to talk about that wasn’t television.



Edgar Allan Poe. I didn’t read a lot of his horror tales when I was little, but I did know some of his poetry. My stepdad and I would always read “The Raven” together, so much so that I completely memorized the first half of the poem. Poetry isn’t really my favorite thing to read, but Poe’s poetry got me hooked.



Oscar_Wilde_portraitOscar Wilde. I didn’t really read a lot of Oscar Wilde until I was in college and I had to read The Picture of Dorian Gray for a class, but after I read it, I wondered why I hadn’t read any of Wilde’s works before. I pretty much read everything I could find by him and I now have a big fancy copy of his collected works in my personal library at home. I got really into Victorian Literature after I read Wilde.




John Connelly. I haven’t really read his stuff for adults, but he has a few books for a YA audience as well as some short horror stories. There is a trend of YA novels to feature paranormal elements and supernatural characters and most people start reading those books because of Twilight or other vampire romances, but I got into it because John Connelly wrote a story about a little boy and his dog fighting demons. His books are hilarious as well as genuinely creepy at times. I love him.


clampCLAMP. The all-girl Japanese manga group. They wrote my favorite manga series xxxHolic, as well as a bunch of other titles I read in high school. They really got me into manga initially and I’ve always had a soft spot for anything they’ve written.


itoJunji Ito. He’s another Japanese manga artist. He’s what got me back into manga into my adulthood. He primarily writes horror manga and his art is grotesque and creepy. He can make the simplest thing (like a spiral) into something completely horrifying. I love him.



  1. CLAMP! Oh,I’ve not read much of their stuff (I’ve got problems spending that kind of money on books it takes me two hours to read) but I love their work. Sad to say, I’ve actually watched more of their anime’s than I’ve read of their manga’s, but I very easily claim to be a fan.

    My TTT

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