Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Summer Prince by: Alaya Dawn Johnson.

The-Summer-PrinceHundreds of years in the future, society as we know it has been completely decimated by war. New civilizations have sprouted up, powerful, isolated cities all around the world. Palmares Tres is the shining jewel of what was once Brazil, a large pyramid city run entirely by women called Aunties and, of course, their Queen and her consort, the King.

Kings in Palmares Tres only last a year. At the end of their reign in Winter, they are killed, sacrificed by the Queen herself so that the city can go on existing as one of the most splendid cities in this new world. It has been the same way for at least 300 years and June Costa knows this. She’s never questioned the importance of this ritual. Until Enki is elected King.

Enki is from the verde, the poorest sector of Palmares Tres. He is happy to die for his city, but he is dead set on being a thorn in the sides of all the Aunties and the Queen along the way. By some weird chance, June meets Enki and the two find themselves spending more and more time together, bonding over their shared love of art. Before long, June finds herself falling in love with Enki, just like she promised herself she wouldn’t. The only problem is, Enki is already in love with her best friend Gil, and the both of them have to deal with the fact that come winter, Enki will die. And while all of this is happening, it seems like there might be a revolution brewing in the relatively calm city of Palmares Tres.

This book is at it’s core, a romance. But it isn’t your typical romance. It’s set in an exotic, dystopian world and it’s chock-full of action scenes and technology. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then you might want to check this book out. It’s a mix of genres that makes it hard to place. We are bringing this book to the schools, but if you’d like to make sure you have a copy reserved, please fill out the book request form.

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