Book Spotlight!

Today’s book spotlight is Code Name Verity by: Elizabeth Wein.

verity“Verity” is a British spy caught in Nazi occupied France during World War II. Her captors have forced her to reveal her mission or be put to death, and when she’s done telling them all she knows, she’ll be put to death anyway. She doesn’t stand a chance against the Gestapo and her situation is hopeless, so she decides to play along and prolong her inevitable death until she can get her story out.

What she tells them is the truth, although not entirely what they expected. Her confession reveals information about her past and her best friend, a female pilot named Maddie whose plane crashed and burned in France a few weeks before Verity was captured. Their story is one of friendship forged in the most dark and difficult of times and the lengths they each go to save each other and fight for their country.

This book is excellent on all accounts. If you like war stories or spies, you’ll definitely want to grab this one, as the plot is chock full of action and intrigue. However, if stories about strong bonds of love and friendship appeal to you more, you’ll find this book equally as great to read. This book is also one of the Teen Louisiana Reader’s Choice Award Nominees for 2015, do we’ll be bringing it to your schools so you can check it out and read it. Let us know what you think of Code Name Verity in the comments!

The author, Elizabeth Wein, also wrote a sequel to this book called Rose Under Fire, which we will also have available for check out. If you’re interested in either of these books and you want to make sure we can reserve a copy for you when we come to your schools, please fill out a book request form, or just ask us whenever you see us. Hope to hear from you soon!

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