Teen Area Remodel!

Hey gang, sorry for missing Top Ten Tuesday this week but the good news is the reason I missed it was because some of the new furniture for the Teen Area of the library came in yesterday!

ya remodel

Aren’t the new table and chairs so pretty?  I spent the whole day moving the old stuff out, moving shelving around to make more space, and setting the new stuff up.  We have also been adding artwork done by local teens to the area which I absolutely love.  This was a much needed remodel and it is just the beginning!  In the next few weeks we will be adding more new furniture, art, and much more, so check back for updates!  Have a great Wednesday!

Happy Anniversary!

So according to WordPress this blog was started 4 years ago today!  Wow! I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to former keepers of this blog and to all the people out there who read it!  I feel very blessed to be in a job where I get to share my love of books with others who love books too.  So feel free to eat some cake today in celebration of the West Baton Rouge Parish Library Teen Zone Blog turning 4!

Top Ten Tuesday!


It’s Tuesday!  Hi guys, welcome back for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday!  The wonderful people over at The Broke and the Bookish have done a great list of Ten Recently Acquired Books.  For once i’m going to actually stick to the same theme! Instead of listing books I’ve recently acquired I will be doing the Ten Books the West Baton Rouge Public Library Has Recently Acquired!

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Book Spotlight!

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you have a good weekend?  I thought today would be perfect to do a Book Spotlight! on a book I read over the weekend, Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn.

41txa1mCW9L.SX316Jamie Henry has a lot of anxiety problems.  Ever since he was six and placed in foster care with his sister, Cate, Jamie just can’t seem to stop worrying.  Soon he isn’t eating, isn’t sleeping, is constantly passing out, and seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown.  When they are lucky enough to be adopted together by a rich family Jamie starts to get the help he needs through therapy and medicine.  But soon Cate becomes a new source of anxiety.  Drugs, alcohol, rumors of weird mind tricks played on local girls, all ending in a barn fire that hurts someone.  “Crazy” Cate (as the town starts calling her) finally gets sent to juvenile detention and Jamie can’t help but to be a little relived

Until she gets out.  Until she starts watching him.  She wants him to know why she did what she did.  She wants him to understand. She wants him to be miserable, just like she is.  Can Jamie handle knowing?  What is the truth? Is knowing it worth the mental instability that comes with being around “Crazy” Cate?

This is perfect for anyone looking for a quick read (only 250 pages and easy to read) and loves psychological thrillers.  Stand alone novel.  If you would like to request this or any other book click here.

P.S.-  While this was a quick read (I read it in a day) it still delivered a big punch!  Don’t think just because a novel is short that it can’t make you think.