Fun Fact Friday!

Everyone have a good week?  I hope so!  And since it’s Friday it’s time for another Fun Fact.  Today’s Fun Fact is…

chocolate fun fact

So if it isn’t chocolate then what do we call it?  Can I still say that Hersey’s Cookies and Cream bar is my favorite chocolate bar?  I’m so confused!  Hope you handle this news better than I did. See you next week, when I’ll be doing a Book Spotlight on a 2016 Louisiana Teen Readers Choice Nominee Steelheart.

Anime Club Meeting

anime club logo

The West Baton Rouge Parish Library Anime Club will be meeting March 28th at the library from 2:30pm till 5:00pm.

minion what

Don’t know what i’m talking about?  Well the WBRP Library has a Anime Club open to teens.  We meet once a month to watch and discuss a variety of anime.  Afraid you won’t like what we watch? That’s the best part, you recommend what we watch (has to be PG 13 or lower rating, no Rated R.  Not sure what the rating is? Just let me know the show and i’ll find out). It’s a great way to view different genres and shows.  Oh and did I mention there is food?  Pizza, snacks, and drinks will be provided.  We will be meeting in the Library Meeting Room at 2:30pm on March 28th and ending at 5:00pm. (the library closes at 5 so it is important that your ride is there at 5).  If you are interested you can register here or if you have question call the West Baton Rouge Public Library at (225)342-7920.

Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight! is on the book Winger by Andrew Smith

wingerThis is the story of Ryan Dean West’s Junior year at a boarding school for rich kids who get into trouble. Ryan Dean doesn’t just want to survive this year, he thinks this year is going to be the year he reinvents himself.  Problem is he is only 14 years old, while the rest of his classmates are 16.  And he is scrawny, which helps him run faster on the ruby field but makes him an easy target for bullies.  Especially when he has to move to O Hall, the dorm for the most troubled kids at his school, where his roommate will be Chas, the biggest bully in the school (and his teammate).  And worst of all (at least in his eyes) is the fact that he is in love with his best friend Annie, who only thinks of him as “adorable” (his least favorite word).  Between his obsession with how hot all the girls around him are, to trying to survive the “consequences” of losing at Chas’ illegal poker game, and making friends with Joey, the only guy in O Hall who tries to help instead of torment him,  Ryan Dean and his world around him does change.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Some dreams come true while he looses things he didn’t even know he could lose.  This is the story of Ryan Dean West’s Junior year, just a story of ordinary boy growing up.  If you want a story about superhumans, chosen ones of prophesy, or magical lands this isn’t the story for you.  If you want a good story about the good and bad of life and how you can’t breath the same air twice then this is the story for you.  Recommended for older teens especially if you like books about real life, boarding schools, rugby (or sports in general). Click here to request a copy.  Sequel called Stand-Off to be released on September 8th, 2015.

Fun Fact Friday!

Ok remind me to never say a specific day that i’m going to post something on here ever again because when I do I always get sick!  So sorry about no new post all week but good news is i’m feeling better so at least I can post a new Fun Fact for you guys.  Today’s Fun Fact is…icecream man

Dude, how do I get that job?  I know everyone says that after a while you would get tired of icecream but I think I need to test that theory for myself.  What about you, would icecream tasting be your dream job?  Let me know in the comments.  I will be posting more next week (hopefully!).  Have a good weekend!

Fun Fact Friday!

Hey everyone!  Had a good week?  Well it is Friday so it is time for Fun Fact Friday! but make sure you check back on Monday when I will be doing a Book Spotlight! on the book Winger by Andrew Smith which is a 2016 Louisiana Teen Readers’ Choice Award nominee book.  Also next week I will be posting more about how you can get a prize just by reading a few books, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.  Today’s Fun Fact is…

peter pan

That is incredibly sweet and generous of him!  If you loved Peter Pan as a kid (or if you are like me and you still do) then you should check out the book Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson.  To request it or any other book from out catalog click here.  Have a great weekend!