Top Ten Tuesday!

Hey everyone!  Welcome to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!  Today over at The Broke and the Bookish they have done a list of Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With.  Shockingly I’ve decided to actually stick to the same topic, so click below to see my list of Five Characters I Just Didn’t Click With!

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Fun Fact Friday!

My apologize for missing Top Ten Tuesday this week (here is The Broke and the Bookish list for the week) but I weirdly I got kicked out of my desk area all week.  After seeing how awesome the teen area of our library now is (click here to see the awesomeness!) it was decided that the children’s area needed to be fixed up.  So I had to leave because of this…

painting desk area

If you have never been to the West Baton Rouge Public Library Children’s Area then you should know that the wall was not previously blue (also please forgive the extremely messy desk, I had lots of stuff that had to moved out of the way).  Don’t worry my filing cabinet didn’t stay weird looking like that, now it is pretty…

Yeah so, I did most of my work from random tables in the library.  But never fear I’m back at my desk just in time for Fun Fact Friday.  Today’s Fun Fact is…

mickey mouse sister

She is his younger sister and the Mother of Morty and Ferdie.  Huh, who knew?  Have a great weekend!

Book Spotlight!

Sorry I’ve been a little light on the Book Spotlight! lately but keep checking back because I have several that I plan on posting.  Today’s Book Spotlight! is on The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson.


name of the star 2

Louisiana native Rory Deveaux knew her year at an English boarding school was going to be tough, she didn’t know it was going to be dangerous.  She thought the worst thing she would have to deal with is the cold, rainy weather and a lack of Cheese Whiz but the same day she arrives a series of brutal murders committed by a Jack the Ripper copycat murderer start.  Soon everyone is high alert but no amount of police patrolling is able to stop this killer from his recreations.  How do stop someone that leaves no evidence and no one has ever seen?  Except Rory saw a man leaving the crime scene but her roommate standing next to her didn’t.  How can that be?  Soon Rory is pulled into a world of “Rippermania”, secret police, and discovering abilities she never knew she had. All while trying to maintain her grades and her secrets.  Worst of all the murderer has decided that she should be his next victim.  This is a great book for anyone who loves supernatural, mysteries, or London.  First in the Shades of London series.  Click here to request this book.

Ashley’s Note:  I think this is one of the times I liked that they changed the cover.  While I do think the original cover is pretty (that is the cover on the books we have here at the library) to me it doesn’t fit the book theme as well.  Yes it has a Jack the Ripper looking guy on it but to me it coves the idea that this book is going to be a historical fiction, not a modern day book.  The newer cover (the bottom one) conveys more of the supernatural feel that the books has.  What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section!

Fun Fact Friday…Saturday Edition

Hey everyone!  So instead of doing my Fun Fact on Friday like I normally do yesterday I decided I would do Fun Fact Saturday.  Why am I working on a Saturday you ask?  Because today is Anime Club! If you haven’t heard of it before the West Baton Rouge Parish Library has an Anime Club for Teens.  We meet once a month to watch and discuss different anime shows, eat snack, and have great time!  If you are interested call the West Baton Rouge Parish Library or better yet stop by!  So in honor of watching anime, which is from Japan, today’s fun fact is…

fun fact

I don’t like watermelon but I would totally buy a square watermelon.  How about you?  Check back Monday for a Book Spotlight! on The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Bye guys!

Teen Area Remodel Update!

It’s so pretty!!!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  As many of you know we have been working very hard with local teens to update and remodel our Teen Area.  We have repainted, moved shelving around, and now, finally, our new furniture is in!  We recently added a new comfy chair (plus it swivels, which I always love in a chair) and some fun ottoman style stools that can be put together to make bench setting or pulled apart into individual seating.  Check them out..


And as requested here is a closer look at the amazing art done by a few local teens…


When you add it all together you get this…


I’m so proud of all the work that has done to make this area a big, open, colorful place for teens!

Top Ten Tuesday!


Hey I’m actually doing a Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday! Go me!  Today over at The Broke and the Bookish they have a list of their Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (those authors you buy books from no matter what).  Since I couldn’t tell you the last time I bought myself a book I decided to go rogue and do my own topic.  Click below to read my awesomely annoying list of Top Ten Book Pet Peeves!

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Fun Fact Friday!

Friday, Friday, Friday.  About time you got here.  With school starting back this has been a crazy week up here at the library!  So everyone take a little break with this fun fact…

selfie fun fact

Ok be honest, would you sit still for 3 minutes just to take a selfie?  I know I wouldn’t!  Make sure you check back next week, i’m going to be catching up on my Book Spotlights!  Have a great weekend everyone!