Book Spotlight!

Today’s book spotlight is on Palace of Spies by: Sarah Zettel.

Palace-of-Spies-New-Cover1Peggy Fitzroy is an orphan living on the good graces of her aunt, uncle, and cousin Olivia. She tries very hard to fit the image of a perfect lady, but her looks and headstrong attitude seem to prevent this. Everything seems to be turning around for her once she discovers she has been engaged to a handsome young man from a good family, until the worst happens. Shortly, she finds herself out on the street with nothing but the clothes on her back and a calling card from a mysterious man who said he knew her mother.

This man, Mr. Tinderflint takes her under his wing and begins to train her rigorously in good courtly behavior. Mr. Tinderflint, it turns out, wants Peggy to live in the court of King George and act as a spy. Peggy is quickly thrown into a world she knows nothing about, pretending to be a girl she’s never met and any misstep could mean her death. But during the course of her spying, Peggy learns some dark news about rebels in court and learns even darker news about the girl she is meant to be impersonating. She finds that she can trust no one  and rely on nothing but her own wits and will to survive.

Don’t let the cover of this fool you. It may be hot pink and look like your stereotypical chick book, but it’s full of intrigue, mystery, and murder. If you like the thrill of spies with the grandeur of historical England, you’ll definitely want to pick this book up. To reserve a copy, please go to our new website and fill out a book request form.

Book Spotlight!

Today’s book spotlight is on Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by: Tony Cliff.

DelilahDirk_CoverErdemoglu Selim is a Lieutenant in the Turkish Janissary Corps. He isn’t ranked very high and has to do small, demeaning menial tasks for his superiors. All he really wants to do is keep to himself, have a simple, but easy life, and enjoy a nice pot of tea. But that all changes when his commanding officer needs him to serve as an English translator.

Delilah Dirk’s father was an English Ambassador and her mother was a Grecian artisan. She spent most of her life traveling around with her father in hot desserts, deep joungles, and lofty mountains. She trained in a number of different martial disciplines and can knows how to ride a horse and steer a boat. She’s a lady adventurer and also a thief and she somehow found herself a prisoner of the Turkish Janissary Corps.

Mr. Selim is the one responsible for questioning her and thus, when she inevitably escapes, his his head his commanding officers want in retribution. Fortunately for him (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at things), he’s rescued at the last minute by Delilah Dirk, the very same person who was responsible for his impending beheading in the first place. After they make their daring escape, Mr. Selim is thurst into a world of adventure, danger, and thievery. It’s all new and too exciting for him, but it’s just another day in the life of Delilah Dirk.

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is a graphic novel, the first in an ongoing series. The content isn’t particularly racy, but it’s very exciting and full of action. If you love swashbuckling adventures, strong heroines, and airships, this is definitely the graphic novel for you. If you’d like to reserve a copy at the library, please fill out our book request form.

Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by: Holly Black.

coldTana grew up in a society plagued by vampires. Usually, they stayed confined to places called Coldtowns where they and their infected human victims live in a never-ending , glamorous party that is broadcast to the whole world via life feed. But security isn’t always the best and sometimes vampires manage to get out. And when they get out, they go hunting for humans. That’s how Tana wakes up to find herself in a house full of corpses.

Well–almost full of corpses. As she wanders the house, she finds two more survivors: her ex-boyfriend Aidan who has been infected by vampire blood and a mysterious, chained up vampire named Gavriel. Tana doesn’t know anything about this chained up vampire, but she knows what will happen to Aidan if he succumbs to the infection and worse– she knows what vampire hunters will do to him. So she formulates a plan to get him to the nearest Coldtown for his own safety. And while she’s at it, she decides to take Gavriel as well, hoping that she’d stop him from wreaking any more damage.

The only catch is, Tana is going to have to go into the Coldtown with them, and once you go in, it’s nearly impossible to get back out. Tana quickly finds that Coldtowns aren’t nearly as glamorous as the feeds led her to believe. The parties are confined to one small area while the rest of the town is full of dilapidated buildings, crime, and homelessness. Tana is trapped as she struggles to survive and protect her friends. But all of that gets thrown for a loop when it turns out that the vampire she saved, Gavriel, wants to kill the leader of Coldtown and accidentally gets Tana involved.

This isn’t your typical vampire romance book. It’s full of all of the horror and hopelessness of a dystopian novel with only a dash of background romance. If you enjoy vampries and gore, this book is definitely for you. If you’d like to reserve a copy of this book, please fill out a book request form.

West Baton Rouge Parish Library Anime Club

We’re excited to announce that in August when school starts, we’ll be forming an anime club. We’ve partnered with the anime streaming website Crunchyroll to bring you free screenings of popular anime and Japanese dramas.


The age group for participants will be 13 and up. We are still in the planning stages, but if you are interested in participating, please email me at If you would like to suggest anime titles for the club to watch, please leave me a comment! I’m so excited to get this club up and running. There will be more details posted soon!


Book Spotlight!

Today’s book spotlight is on Mercury by: Hope Larson.

mercuryTara lives in a rural Canadian town. She’s been homeschooled for two years due to her father’s disappearance and her mother’s mental health. But when her home burns down, her mother is forced to move out and look for work elsewhere and Tara has to go back to school and deal with how everyone seems to have changed since middle school.

Josey lives in the same rural Canadian town two hundred years before Tara was born. She is the daughter of a poor farmer and his eccentric wife and it doesn’t look like things will change for her. But when the handsome stranger Asa Curry shows up at her door with the promise of gold, it looks like her life is going to change for the better. But there’s something dark in Mr. Curry and no one but Josey’s mother can see it.

These two separate stories intertwine to form one tale of mystery, heartbreak, and hope. There are elements of magic and realism that make this graphic novel one you’ll definitely want to check out. To reserve a copy, please go to our new website and fill out a book request form.