Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Fall by: Bethany Griffin.


What would you do if you woke up one day to find that you’d been buried alive? Stifled inside a stone sarcophagus, you know the only way to save yourself and your loved ones is to bust and gasp for air. But what if something was keeping you there? Something sinister and supernatural?

Madeline and her twin brother Roderick are the last heirs to noble line of the House of Usher. Over the years, death and illness have dwindled the family down to nothing. There are rumors of a curse too, one that causes any Usher living inside of the family mansion to go mad. Roderick, of course, doesn’t believe in the curse, but Madeline knows its true. She’s seen it. She’s felt it. And she knows it is because the house itself wants it to happen. The house has trapped her in its crypts, fooling her brother into thinking that she’s dead and must be locked away with the rotting corpses.

But Madeline is determined to not die. She wants to live, even though she is half-mad and nearly dead with the family curse. And she will do anything in her power to stop the decay in the line of the House of Usher. Even if it means having to destroy the house itself.

This is an eerie, atmospheric retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Fall of the House of Usher.” It gives us a fresh perspective of what really might have been going on in the story, as well as fleshes out characters who have only appeared in passing. If you love spooky stories about ghosts, mystery, and betrayal, this book might be for you. To reserve a copy, please fill out a book request form.

Digital Bookmobile

Make sure you come down to the West Baton Rouge Parish Library on Friday, November 14, between 9am and 3pm! We’re having a special visit from the Digital Bookmobile!


The Digital Bookmobile will have a bunch of eBooks, audiobooks, interactive computer stations, gadgets for your Kindle, iPad, Android, NOOK, and more! Everyone of every age group is likely to find something to spark their interest. You’ll definitely want to come check out what they have for teens and young adults.

The Digital Bookmobile will be parked behind the West Baton Rouge Parish Library, across from the courthouse. To learn more about the Bookmobile and what will be offered, please visit their website at

Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Cinder by: Marissa Meyer.

Cinder_CoverIt’s hundreds of years in the future. Earth has gone through four world wars and is now populated by conglomerates of countries called Commonwealths. The moon has been colonized by an evolved group of former-humans called Lunars who are threatening to start war with the people of Earth if they don’t acquiesce to the Lunar queen’s demands. And to top it all off, there is a plague on Earth, a virus that’s airborne and spreads quickly, killing citizens off at alarming rates. It’s a pretty nasty place to live.

Linh Cinder, however, probably lives in the nastiest place. She’s a cyborg, which is a group of people heavily discriminated against in this society. She’s technically “owned” by her stepmother who hates cyborgs and who is always threatening to sell her. Her stepmother makes good on those promises once one of her daughters gets infected with the plague and she blames Cinder. She ships her off to a testing center to serve as a guinea pig for doctors to find a cure for the plague, which means certain death for anyone who enters.

Except Cinder doesn’t die. Her body fights off the disease which makes her a very valuable test subject and one who might stand a chance at saving the kingdom, maybe even the entire planet. And if that’s not enough, she happens to make friends with the crown prince of the Commonwealth says that she’s probably the only person on Earth who can help him fend off the looming Lunar forces.

This novel is a sci-fi retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella. If you like dystopia, political intrigue, and protagonists who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty for something they believe in, you’ll definitely want to check out Cinder. It’s also the first book in a four book series that are each retellings of fairy tales that are set in this world. If you’d like to reserve a copy, please fill out a book request form.

Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on The Naturals by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

13597723Cassie Hobbes always knew she was different. It wasn’t just because her mother was “psychic” and dragged her around from state to state as a child, or that she never really knew her family, or even that she witnessed her own mother’s murder scene. No, Cassie’s different because she can’t shut her brain off. She’s always looking at people, always observing and trying to get into their heads. And she can’t stop it. It is maddening.

And then one day she meets a boy who hands her an FBI agent’s card and her world changes. She realizes she is what the government calls a “Natural,” someone who is extremely gifted in one specific area that is essential to helping catch serial killers and murderers. For once in her life, Cassie meets people who are like her and she feels a little less alone.

But then things start happening. Someone out there knows what Cassie is doing and where she is. Someone knows she’s helping catch killers. And someone wants her dead. Someone who, very possibly, was involved with the murder of her mother five years before. It’s a race against time as Cassie pushes her gifts to their limits as she tries very desperately to save her own life.

The Naturals is a mix of every crime show you’ve ever loved. It’s funny, it’s thrilling, and it will have you on the edge of your seat. If you’d like to reserve a copy of this book, please fill out a book request form.

Book Spotlight!

Today’s Book Spotlight is on Saints by: Gene Luen Yang.

Yang-SaintsFour-Girl has been cursed since birth. She is the only one of her siblings to live past infancy and shortly after she was born, her father died. Her grandfather wants nothing to do with her and thinks she is a devil-child. He won’t even give her a real name. So Four-Girl decides that if she is called a devil, then she will actually become a devil.

She gets her chance one day when some foreigners show up in her village and smash a statue of the local god. Four-Girls hears everyone call the foreigners and their God “Foreign Devils” and she knows she has to join up with them to become what her grandfather says she is. Except the foreigners aren’t devils. They’re Christians.

The Christians accept Four-Girl for who she is and give her a new name, Vibiana. They teach her their religion and philosophies and although she is confused, she tries her best to live up to what the Christians say her destiny is. This is complicated by the fact that Vibiana starts to see a mysterious figure in the woods who tells her that she must become a warrior maiden in order to keep her native land of China whole.

This graphic novel is the companion to Boxers, also by Gene Luen Yang. It tells the same story of the Boxer Uprising, but through the eyes of a Chinese Christian. The two stories cross over with each other, but it is not necessary to read them in a particular order. It is a perfect blend of fantasy, history, and fiction that will make learning about this actual historical event entertaining and also shed light on the complicated reasons behind this major even in Chinese history. To reserve a copy of this book, please fill out a book request form.